The Sun is Blue

The Sun
Is Blue

  • 25% of cell damage is caused by blue light. Every day, its rays accelerate skin aging and favor the appearance of wrinkles and spots.
  • 80% of exposure to the sun’s rays takes place as we go about our daily life, and the most exposed zone is our face.
290nm - 400nm 400nm - 450nm


Did you know:
  • BLUE LIGHT can penetrate deeper than UVB and UVA reaching the hypodermis, the deepest skin layer.
  • BLUE LIGHT can accelerate the appearance of visible damage, wrinkles and spots. It can cause more intense and lasting hyperpigmentation.
Patented Innovation Triasorb


Our patented TriAsorb filter covers short UVB UVA rays, long UVA rays and BLUE LIGHT up to 450 nm.

The best way to prevent photoaging

TriAsorB reinforces the degree of the skin’s protection from photoaging caused by blue light and offers the highest level of protection from deep and visible skin damage.


72 % - up to
Less blue light induced pigmentation*
95 % -
Cell damage induced by blue light**

*In vivo clinical test carried out on the tinted fluid SPF 50+ on 16 subjects, result obtained 24 hours after exposure to blue light - On average, - 40% observed on all the references in the range.

** Quantification of DNA damage (cyclobutene pyrimidine dimers, CPD) by LC/MS analysis (liquid chromatography/mass spectrometry) after acute exposure to the sun’s UV rays.

Suncare is daily care

Eau Thermale Avène launches a new suncare range against blue light that is suitable for all skin types!

Normal to

Fluid 50ML

Ultra light texture
Penetrates in 3 sec
Dry, non sticky feel

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Oily blemish-

SPF 50+ 50ml

Ultra light texture
Dry, non sticky feel
Anti-blemish, limits scarring

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Dry Skin

Cream SPF 50+ 50ML

Velvety texture
Invisible finish
8h hydration

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Dry Skin

Tinted Cream SPF 50+

Non-sticky feel
Velvety texture
8h hydration

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New Suncare Range:

Eau Thermale Avène is committed to have less impact on marine organisms.

18.5 % -
ingredients that harm the environment*
63 - %
plastic in our new eco-designed packaging**

*Average reduction calculated for the Creams/Fluids SPF50+ offer.

**Average reduction calculated for the Facial Creams/Fluids/Cleanance SPF50+ offer – Calculation based on the 2019 Year units versus sales forecasts.

Our Commitments
Actions In Singapore:

WWF and Eau Thermale Avène are working together to support coral restoration in Singapore.

+100 Corals

Planted in Sisters' Island Marine Park in Singapore since 2021 thanks to Eau Thermale Avène and WWF collaboration.

Beach Clean Up

WWF and Eau Thermale Avène organized a beach clean up June 20th of 2022 in Lazarus Island. In total 79.5 KG of plastic waste was collected.

Sun Protect Ocean Respect


Since 2016, with the PUR PROJET social enterprise, Eau Thermale Avène has been involved in safeguarding marine ecosystems in Indonesia. The projects are intended to regenerate coral reefs damaged by intensive fishing, to preserve mangroves that are key to biodiversity, and to protect the shores from erosion and improve the waste management practices of local communities.

Protecting Marine Ecosystems

Marine Ecosystems

  • 7,280 corals transplanted i.e. 200 m2
  • 7,128 mangroves planted i.e. 800 m2
  • 39 tonnes of waste collected from the communities and more than one tonne during community-driven waste collection days
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