Cleanance Comedomed

Soothes - Reduces imperfections - Mattifies

Cleanance Comedomed, an innovation from Laboratoires Eau Thermale Avène, fights blemishes and prevents them from reappearing, with clinically proven effectiveness from seven days*. High tolerance for blemish-prone skin.

  • Fast action
  • Anti-recurrence***
  • High tolerance
  • Fragrance-free

Effectiveness demonstrated within 7 days*.

Pump bottle

Usable by Teenagers - Adults

Skin type Acne-prone skin

Need Anti-imperfections

Made in France


Helping you get rid of blemishes once and for all

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Frequency of use

2 times a day

Tips for use

Dispense 1 dose of Cleanance Comedomed on your fingertips.
• Start by dabbing it onto the T-zone and the cheeks.
• Use circular motions to boost penetration.
• Finish by smoothing on the cheeks and lower face.
Reapply morning and evening.

An expert tip

The 2 essential steps to take care of your oily, acne-prone skin!
Our one piece of advice:
• Rigorously yet gently remove make-up and cleanse the face, both morning and evening!
• Also apply an anti-blemish product morning and evening.

Clinical results

Effective for every oily,acne-prone skin type

7 daysreduces spots within 7 days¹
90%prevents recurrence for 90%²
45%reduced imperfections by -45% as of 2 months³, significant result versus control group

¹Tolerance and efficacy study under dermatological control on 51 subjects, use of Cleanance Comedomed twice a day for 56 days.
²International observational clinical study, 90% of patients without acne relapse at T6 months, (according to the definition of relapse in the protocol GEA≥3 requiring the introduction of an oral or local drug treatment), 48 subjects, 2 applications per day of Cleanance Comedomed alone for 6 months.
³36 subjects with slight to moderate imperfections. Comparative clinical study (group treated twice/day N=18), control group (N=18) for 56 days.


*Tolerance and efficacy study under dermatological control on 51 subjects, use of Cleanance Comedomed twice a day for 56 days.
** Patent registered.
***International clinical observational study, 90% of individuals without blemish relapse at T6 months, (according to the definition of relapse in the GEA protocol ≥3 requiring the introduction of a drug treatment – oral or local), 48 subjects, two applications per day of Cleanance Comedomed for six months.

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Ingredients Ingredients

A combination of innovative active ingredients selected for their effectiveness on sensitive oily,acne-prone skin.


The consumer is advised to systematically check the composition of the product before purchasing it.



Plant-based active ingredient with patented properties from Pierre Fabre Research. Milk thistle extract acts on epithelial cells reducing the formation of micro-comedones and preventing new spots.

Avene thermal water


Thanks to a unique mineral and biological characteristic, it has soothing, repairing and rebalancing properties.

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