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What is dehydrated skin?

Dehydrated skin concerns all skin types, yes regardless if it's dry or oily skin! This occurs when there is excessive evaporation of water from the skin epidermis and is usually a reversible process.

Clinical appearance:

  • Dull and tired complexion
  • Fine lines, the skin looks "creased"
  • Tendency towards redness
  • Tightness on certain parts of the face

What causes dehydrated skin?

These are some of the factors that cause dehydrated skin:

  • Endogenous reasons: physiological and photo-induced ageing
  • Chemical factors: Makeup, shaving, depilation
  • Climatic change: dry atmosphere, air conditioning
  • Pathologies: such as sensitive / eczema or psoriasis, which make the skin permeable
  • Lifestyle factors: alcohol, cigarettes

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