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Skin aging

Skin aging

A few lines and wrinkles, less velvety skin, less radiant, loss of firmness….. all signs that time is passing by.

Whatever your skin type, specific factors might trigger or lead to oversensitivity: Your skin reacts strongly when you’d rather it didn’t…

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The skin ages ... why ?

Day after day, time leaves its mark at different rates which shows that we are not all created « equal ». Skin aging is there to remind us in a visible, sometimes cruel way.
Many factors are responsible for these changes, from lifestyle to genetics.


Marks of time vary during one’s life.
From 25 to 50 years of age, the skin gets thinner, weaker, loses its radiance. Its natural brightness tends to decrease.
A few fine lines and expression lines appear here and there; around the eyes and the lips…
Around the age of 50, lines become more pronounced, the skin is not as firm, facial contour less even, the neck less tight.


These marks of time are caused by a change or a gradual decrease in collagen fibers, elastin, hyaluronic acid and the dermis fundamental substance, together with increased skin dryness.
Skin aging obeys the same rules as other organs but the skin is also exposed to specific aggressions (tobacco…). Repeated free-radicals (oxidizing agents) attacks from UV exposure add to cell metabolism slow down as part of the aging process. As a consequence, certain areas (face, neck, back of the hands, forearms) age more quickly.


While we cannot slow down time or avoid stressful events in our lives, we can have an effect on photo-induced aging (caused by skin exposure to UV rays).
Actually, one has to be careful with overexposure to the sun starting early in life. But it is never too late to start.
Photo-aging means photo-protection, that is to always be careful about sun exposure: Do not spend much time in bright sun, wear clothes, a hat and sunglasses (that carry a UV label), use high SPF sunscreens.
Of course, don’t forget that a child under the age of 3 should NEVER be exposed to the sun.


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